Frequently Asked Questions


In general, what products can you supply?

We provide commercial, metric, military and custom specification fasteners as well as cable management products, adhesives, etc.

Does J-tec Fasteners offer Bin Stock Programs?

Yes, we recommend them. Bin stocking is a very efficient way to reduce process costs (P.O.s, freight charges, receiving, etc.)

Is J-tec Fasteners willing to shelve inventory, to be delivered as needed?

Yes- we accept blanket orders, as part of our convenience and quality based service.

Would J-Tec Fasteners be able to deliver on weekends?

Our normal business hours are Monday- Friday, but we would be more than happy to accommodate any of your last minute orders.

Does J-tec Fasteners offer dock to dock delivery?

Yes, product is either delivered by J-tec Fasteners personnel or by UPS/FedEx.

Does J-tec Fasteners charge for local deliveries?

No, we do not charge as part of our effort to provide you with outstanding service.

Does J-tec Fasteners have import capabilities?

Yes, especially for larger quantity orders.

Are J-tec Fasteners prices competitive?

J-tec is determined to improve existing methods, while increasing cost savings. This keeps us extremely competitive with other vendor pricing.